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Nicholas Johnson

Ethics and Compliance Leader

About Me

Hello, and thanks for visiting. My name is Nick Johnson (he/him). I'm an accomplished ethics and compliance professional with over a decade of experience in the airline and technology industries. I bring knowledge, vision, and expertise to any organization seeking to build and enhance its compliance program. I have a proven track record of designing and implementing effective compliance programs, policies, and controls that have reduced risk exposure and fostered a culture of ethical behavior. 

My experience includes working with senior executives and cross-functional stakeholders at some of the world's leading organizations to address complex compliance challenges,


ensure regulatory compliance, and develop a high-performance strategy for the future. Additionally, I'm deeply committed to community service and have a proven ability to leverage my skills to positively impact the nonprofit sector. 

As a results-oriented leader with a passion for ethics and compliance and a commitment to continuous improvement, I look forward to discussing how we might collaborate to support the continued success of your organization. Please feel welcome to connect with me on LinkedIn or by using the form below. Thank you!

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